a major change.

November 12, 2011

I've decided in my time at UNCG and kind of being screwed by advisors
 as a transfer student and well being in a class that just isn't for me
 that I'm doing what I'm doing for someone else- anybody else- and not for me. 
I had a really rough patch trying to really figure out not just what I want
 to be when I grow up but what I wanted to be before everyone told me what I 
 should be or what I would be good at. I was told that most of the classes I took
didn't count and that I would have to spend a year making it up. I did so.
I was told later that year that my classes all counted and that I wasted an entire year
Fall, Spring and Summer semesters- gone. oh well right? sigh. It's time to do what I want to do.

  1.  I love kids of all ages. 
  2.   I love art. 
  3.  I love teaching about things I'm passionate about. 

 However, I am not interested in being under the rules of public school rules for a few reasons. 
 I only want to teach art. I want to be a teacher in a class room where I don't have to teach 
 art for 30-45 minutes, and I want to be able to teach my students with undivided attention and no regard to any other limits. I posted before about what I really wanted to do- I want to own a gallery, an art gallery that anyone can come into but geared mostly for kids of all ages who are passionate about art. I want to be there to aid them when they need help, be there when they need me, and teach them what they may need to know or want to know. I want to have this place for them to come to and engage in whatever art they wish and creating this gallery for them to place it and have shows where the public can come in and see what we've been up to. I want the public to see how passionate not only I am about art but  just how passionate the kids are about something that is on its last straw 
 to be pulled from schools. When I say art, I mean every aspect of it- not just painting and drawing but  design, photography, sculpting, even music because art is only a fraction of "the arts".

so I have made a major change- from BFA in art education to BFA in design. I was told I would graduate in 2015 with art education with all the screw ups. I am now being told 2013 with a design degree (which I am further with classes and credits in). I feel like it will be more successful. Design is really where my heart belongs- I love the different aspects of how many things you can do. If and only if I really do want to be a teacher down the road. I would want to teach at a college level so continuing on with my Masters would be the next step- its a little more free and open to what I want to teach and my teaching style.

 I'm curious-
 did something like this happen to anyone else? did you change majors?
were you a misguided transfer student? what was your graduating major?
I want to know!


  1. I majored in graphic design from The Art Institute, realized it wasn't for me and dropped out. My passions are painting, photography and art history. I would love to open an art gallery of some sort for local arts as well. Art and music are so very important.

    I am sorry you having such a hard time with your degree but I am glad that you are figuring out what is working. <3

  2. Thank you love, if you lived closer, I would say let's do it together!!

  3. I'm glad you are able to switch your major/degree with little repercussions... I think it's great that when it's all over that you will be able to do what you love and have a passion for!